• "There is nothing more stressful and frightening than buying your first home, but Blair Smith was there with us every step of the way and made the process so much easier and smoother. Blair wasn't aiming for us to buy an apartment, he wanted to be part of our journey to find a home. That meant that he not only looked after us, found us the right listings to visit, and did a lot of research to each and every apartment we had an interest in. On top of all of that, he also talked to us about our sense of belonging to a place, found out how we want our home to be, and what community we want around us. We have been living in our new home for a couple of months now, and we still look fondly on the experience of buying it. Blair ensured that the place we bought was home, and indeed - when you walk into this apartment, you know it fits everything about us. He is not only a good real-estate agent, he is a fantastic friend."

    - Danny Ramadan and Matthew Ramadan. 1005 Beach Ave.