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Vancouver is more vibrant than ever!  There is always something exciting to do or see.  Whether it is taking in a show, enjoying an outdoor festival, attending a community class, or simply hanging out and enjoying Vancouver’s unique culture. It is the people that make Vancouver special.  This is a place to work, live and call home. 

North Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster offer terrific access to Vancouver, better affordability, and some unique aspects that make it a better alternative for many buyers.


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I absolutely love living here, and would be happy to set you on the right course to discovering where is best for you and why you love it too! 

“Houses can form a neighborhood but only people can make it a community."

Community is an essential part of family, of lifestyle, and of real estate.

Understanding local conditions in Vancouver is important when it comes to buying and selling real estate, but the neighborhood you choose can have a dramatic impact on all other aspects of your life as well.


When it’s time to move, call me to get a representative on your side who has experience, Vancouver area market knowledge, and the confidence to help you make the best transaction possible. Enjoy!  Blair

Tips for Finding the Perfect Neighborhood

1. Make a list of all of the amenities that are close by in the neighborhood you are considering as your new residence.  Keep in mind what distances and routes to each of these places are acceptable and what are not.

2.  Determine what the best features of the neighborhoods are.  This is especially helpful if you are deciding between a few different neighborhoods.

These first few are geared towards the suburbs, but are good at getting the thought process going. The bottom few are possibly more relevant to life in the city!

Are there parks nearby?
Is it scenic and visually appealing?
Are there quiet areas, streets, culs de sac?
Are the people friendly in the neighborhood?
Is the neighborhood clean?  Yards, streets, parks?
Are there nice trees and foliage?
Do the lots have large or small yards?
Are there walkways and are they easily accessible?
Is it a safe neighborhood?
What are the market values of the homes in the area?
Are there many houses for sale?
How long ago was the community developed?
What is the average age of the people in the area?
Are there families with small children in the area?
What is the proximity to schools?
Are there community events or organizations?

Does it provide shopping by foot or do you need to drive?

Does it offer the the entertainment options that suit you?

Does it offer the transit options, cab stands, so you can leave your car(s) at home?

Is it vibrant and exhilarating? Or too much so to prevent sleep. It's YOUR choice, let me help.

3.  Walk around in the neighborhood.  The best way to determine the cleanliness and friendliness of the neighborhood is to walk around in it and meet its residents.

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