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  Don't List Your Home Without Talking To Blair FIRST !  

Every client of mine is UNIQUE, and so is their HOME.

You may think that your condo or townhouse is just like the one upstairs or next door. Nothing could be further from the truth. All homes whether they be condos or detached house have their unique "challenges" as well as their best features. A complete understanding guides me to negotiate successfully on your behalf. Ask me more about this.

While I do have marketing methods that have proven very successful for my clients, the actual plan of attack is reconsidered every single time. I always discuss with my new clients for their approval.

My approach always includes local neighborhood promotion, regional and national promotion, and international exposure.

Let's talk about your unique situation soon,

Helping YOU Make All The RIGHT Moves.

Luck is What Happens...


The proof is in the details, and there is no substitute for preparation when marketing someones property, be it an investment condo or their primary residence. 

Part of my process involves aiding my clients to be fully prepared for the all that is about to happen. From advice on the physical home's appearance to providing advance copies of documents that we will be dealing with, no detail is too small.

Especially for the Buyer, and their Realtor®. 
Having ALL of the documents prepared in advanceand ready for them when

they are at their most excited, having all of their questions answered
with respect in a timely fashion leads to an offer that is thoughtful and confidant. 
Unanswered questions result in doubt, and procrastination. Let's get that offer on the table!

And when there are no nagging doubts, negotiations are much more successful. 
Subjects are fewer and shorter if any are required at all. 
Let's get it SOLD! 

Call me at 604-313-8732, or email me: homes "at" to discuss
how we can work together to achieve your goals and realize your dreams.

I look forward to it, -Blair



Why Is Blair So Successful For His Sellers?


Blair’s Marketing Promise:      Effective Targetted Exposure= Results!


Royal LePage Sussex daily hotsheet will alert hundreds of agents nearby to notify them of your home. Sometimes even before it hits public websites.
This is very effective in today’s market.

Immediately submit your listing to MLS® for online publication, with multiple photos, with a link to many more photos and video tour if appropriate. First Open House and Agent's Tour if appropriate will be programmed.

Post your listing on our corporate website:

An industry leading website with valuable resources. Monthly hits regularly exceed 350 million. A terrific source for market information, and featuring our highly valued press releases. 


Post your listing on my personal website:

Which is affiliated with international 

- your listing will automatically be available for over 500 local Realtors to display on their own personal websites.

...And will automatically appear on international sites  plus a dozen others including,  
…And your detailed full colour listing may be featured on updated every 10 - 14 days.   
Buyers look everywhere, have alerst everywhere, and we aim to reach them! 

Social media is an extremely important tool which I employ effectively throughout our marketing campaign, beginning with the mutli-pronged LAUNCH! 

Your property will be promoted via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
Never underestimate the value of networking, I have proven results. I will ask for your permission to utilize social media marketing when we meet.


My clients’ listings are automatically advertised in Realty Link print magazine: UNTIL SOLD !

The Vancouver East and Vancouver West issues are available everywhere and are a valuable tool for potential purchasers of downtown properties like yours.

The online version is a busy site with local information that links back to MLS® for viewing listings. Most used site locally every single week.


Any additional print advertising will be placed specifically for your home’s primary target market. Individualized target marketing is the most effective way to sell your home for the best price in the least amount of time.
Who IS the buyer most willing to pay you the BEST price? I market to THEM.


Signage will be according to City bylaws and Strata rules if applicable.

Open Houses for Realtors® and the public will be discussed with you first.

This is only the initial effort to find the perfect buyer with the best offer for your home. Professional follow up with all leads is critical, and assured.  

And of course, your listing with colour photo will remain in my office window by the Robson Street entrance of Library Square until SOLD.

604-313-8732 cellular          homes "at"                         

Working With A Realtor Defined

Understanding agency relationships with your Realtor
Buying or selling a home may be the most important financial transaction you'll ever make. So it's a good idea to take a moment and consider the kind of relationship you will be entering into with a Realtor.

Realtors work within a legal relationship called agency. The agency relationship is established through a contract between you, the client, and your agent, the company under which the Realtor is licensed. Most Realtors use a blue brochure titled Working with a Real Estate Agent to disclose the nature of the agency relationship with their client.

A Realtor can act for a seller or a buyer, or to a limited degree, both. Whomever they represent, Realtors have a legal obligation to uphold the integrity of their clients, while protecting and promoting their interests.

Realtors also commit to:

  • Protect the client’s negotiating position at all times.
  • Provide undivided loyalty and keep the confidences of the client.
  • Adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and a high standard of practice.
  • Exercise reasonable care and skill in performing all assigned duties.
  • Be accountable for all money and property placed in the agent’s hands while acting for the client.

Seller’s Agent
As a seller, your Realtor’s professional marketing skills and networking connections can help in obtaining the maximum market value for your home. During negotiations, you can rely on your Realtor to represent your interests and provide advice on price, possession and closing date.

In order for your Realtor to list your property for sale on the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®), the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver requires completion of a listing agreement. By signing the listing agreement with you, your Realtor has committed to uphold the obligations mentioned above. The listing agreement also states the amount of compensation that the seller will pay the Realtor.

Buyer’s Agent
The buyer can benefit from agent representation, too. The Realtor’s expert knowledge of the neighbourhood, future development plans, taxes, zoning, transportation, schools, and community services will help you select the property that meets your needs. By combining personal knowledge with research, your Realtor will be able to provide a comparison of similar properties and market statistics. Your Realtor will also advise you on financing options and make recommendations of other professionals needed to complete the sale.

The contract of purchase and sale is initiated when an offer is made by the buyer to purchase the seller’s property. The contract outlines the terms and conditions of the offer, such as offer price and any subject conditions. The seller may reject the offer or make a counter offer. Once all terms have been accepted and both the seller and the buyer have signed the contract, each party is legally bound to fulfill the conditions of the contract.

Dual Agency
Dual agency is created when an agent represents both the buyer and a seller in a single transaction. This can happen if a Realtor who is representing a buyer sells one of his or her own listings to that buyer..

A dual agent must be impartial to both the buyer and the seller and fully disclose all information pertinent to the transaction. A Realtor can be a dual agent only if both the seller and the buyer agree in writing. Confidentiality of personal information and bargaining positions stays intact.

*Remember: always read all contracts and disclosure forms before signing. 
Blair makes it a policy to provide you with all of the standard forms & contracts early on to read at your leisure. That way you won't be seeing them for the first time when it gets exciting! 

 If you have questions regarding agency relationships contact Blair.


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